As experience marketing transparency increases, the traditional marketing value chain – usually in a focused single-chain format – has diversified. It now includes different models where marketers are working with more than one agency on a single marketing experience. Though a diversified value chain provides greater cost efficiency, it also requires marketers to be equipped with more marketing manpower and higher standards of professionalism.

From R3’s observation, due to the tremendous amount of variables being changed in any given experience, marketers often neglect to have a full picture of overall experience operations. The amount of work being put into the experience is usually behind-the-scenes. Ensuring effective use of budget and evaluating the performance of stakeholders that directly impact experience outcome requires resource and manpower that many marketers do not have. Without dedicated experience auditing teams, most of these changes are difficult to track and record. This can result in a lack of valid information and evidence when settling final payments or justifying results.