This white paper presents an analysis of the challenges and opportunities facing CPG brands.

In the past five years, e-commerce has been the fastest growing sector of the massive shift towards integrating technology into both business and marketing strategies – colloquially known as Digital Transformation. Nearly every industry, from the early adopters in the hospitality and tourism sector, to newcomers like luxury retailers, have adopted some type of e-commerce strategy to capture a slice of this lucrative pie.

Global consumers have shifted towards leading truly mobile lives. The share of global internet traffic taken up by mobile phones is up 30% over last year, according to a recent We Are Social report. This means that the number of digital touchpoints available for brands to connect with consumers and make conversions is growing every year, and being present online is now critical for a brand’s success.


  • Challenges and opportunities
  • The Global CPG ecosystem
  • The CPG digital growth matrix
  • Five opportunities for CPG brands in the e-commerce space
  • What can CMOs do to drive e-commerce growth?
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