Shanghai, China

We are recruiting for a full-time Senior Consultant to work with us in Shanghai, China.

The Role

  • Support R3’s business in China across Shanghai, Beijing, and other major cities. with scale across our global offices. Support for global projects will be needed upon ad hoc requests.
  • Play a key role in supporting R3 consulting and research projects. Typical projects include Digital Ecosystem Benchmarking, Agency Pitch Management, Media Auditing, and increasingly more marketing measurement projects.
  • Individually complete assignments from team projects and initiate methodologies or optimizations.
  • Respond to internal and external management and coordination and be client-facing when needed.
  • The immediate need for this role is to be a key team member to support R3’s Shanghai-based projects. This means you will also be traveling out of the office for in-person discussions with some of China’s leading marketers,

The Ideal Candidate

  • The ideal candidate will have experience on the client or agency side of marketing (preferably both) and 5 to 15 years of working experience. We are open to candidates with experience from Client Side, Advertising, Digital, PR, Research, or Media Agencies.
  • The ability to manage and grow our core services will be crucial. Candidates cannot be new to China and must know this market, people, and working approach.
  • The candidate must have a business-driven mindset and is effectively bilingual. Applicants should be native Chinese speakers with good English. Some education or work experience outside of China will be an asset.
  • A pro-active attitude and the ability to work independently, while being an effective team player. It’s crucial for the candidate to have a business-driven mindset and is effectively bilingual. Some education or work experience outside of China will be an asset.
  • Applicants should be capable of doing individual research in specific fields such as client industry, or marketing/communication trends in China and globally. Creating a sharp point of view and clearly demonstrating through oral and written work is mandatory.

Compensation & Benefits

We aim to pay competitive compensation to our staff, based on the working experience and capability of the candidate.

R3 believes in ongoing training, motivation, and incentives to keep and inspire than best possible consultants. Every week, we hold a Sharing Session across different teams. Every three months, we agree and align three things we want each individual to do for the following three months – and in turn, three things that R3 will do for that person.

There is no company in the marketing sector that puts a higher value on integrity and honesty. We handle highly confidential information from marketers and agencies, including media cost benchmarks and sales information. The person who takes on this role must be beyond reproach.