In the “new normal” of marketing, where digital is no longer considered new media and is accounting for an increasing percentage of global ad spends every year, technology-driven marketing and advertising campaigns are at the forefront of innovation. Technology can drive marketing approaches starting from the conceptual stage – using data-driven solutions to personalize ads or select a specific target audience – all the way to measuring the KPIs using attribution tech solutions.

The rapid rise of big data has left the original tech systems that entered the market over a decade ago unable to handle the influx, thus the recent trend towards a union between traditional ad tech and marketing tech. The current ad tech landscape is complex and sometimes difficult to navigate; new technologies and applications are cropping up almost daily.

Having a digitally savvy team and/or agency partner is crucial to executing tech-driven campaigns. In this study, we hope to highlight 40 inspirational examples of marketers, agencies, and vendors leveraging technology to drive marketing approached worldwide.


To shortlist and select the final 40 examples of best practice in ad tech, R3 will use a select group of marketers along with our internal consulting teams, scoring each submission on four areas:

Ad tech that has been trialed or used by Fortune 100 companies rank more highly.

Judges assess the ‘game changing’ nature of the technology, and its ability to drive engagement and preference.

We look to ideas that have been well recognized either in trade press or with the investment community. In short, ‘buzz’.

A key part of assessment was marketing and business results available.

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