Welcome to something truly unique, the first kind of its kind, and the start of an ongoing series – Social40 – celebrating 40 of the most creative, innovative and progressive social agencies from six continents. As independent consultants, we’ve been fortunate to be active observers of the change that has taken place over recent years – the massive emands on marketers to invest in and measure the power of social media – and the evolving agency landscape to service them.


Selecting the Social40 was a systematic quantitative and qualitative internal process at R3 that utilised our own experience with clients such as Unilever, Coca-Cola, VW, McDonald’s, Samsung, adidas, AB InBev, Walmart, Microsoft, Kimberly Clark and others – along with desk research, marketer studies and analyses. In the end, we considered over 100 social agencies against four basic criteria.

We wanted agencies that worked with some of the world’s best marketers, supporting them as they grew.

Though we did have a fair number of social agencies owned by holding companies, in the end, we heavily weighed those independent agencies that had totally found their own way – without the shared clients of other sister agencies.

We avoided social execution agencies and instead looked at those who were truly leading in thinking and ideas. Big ideas matter in social – and these agencies are delivering.

Although the 40 largest social agencies might all be in the US, Europe and China, we wanted a broader geographic spread, to identify local
heroes in new markets where brands may be looking and moving.

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Digital Market Asia – Global consulting firm R3 took a closer look at social media agencies that constantly prove the power of great ideas. R3’s Social 40 report puts spotlight on homegrown and global agency brands in China, India, Singapore, Japan and Australia that are managing a significant portion of marketer’s social media spends.

PR Newswire – “No marketer can afford to second guess or second rate their social efforts,” said Greg Paull, Co-Founder and Principal of R3. “It’s clear from the case studies that the best brands working with the best creative talent are achieving superior results,” he added.

R3 Social40

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