R3’s Agency Review process helps marketers reduce risk and maximize the value of a new agency hire. 

We leverage the latest agency market insights and benchmarks for fees to conduct a thorough and efficient search process. Our objective is to help marketers create a long-term, mutually profitable partnership of talent that drives brand and business growth.

The benefits of an independent review

R3’s Agency Review Approach
  • We have agency knowledge and understand how to drive a clear process.
  • Our recommendations are objective and independent; our only goal in this process is to find the very best long-term partner for you.
  • We follow a consistent seven-step process fine-tuned over hundreds of reviews to ensure a long-term fit with the agency you ultimately select, wrapping up with a six-month review to make sure you made the right choice.
Evaluation By Agency Type

In evaluating Creative Agencies, R3 reviews their approach and ways of thinking. To make sure marketers are getting the right value and enable correct comparison between agencies, we co-develop the scope of work with internal marketing teams and provide a fee analysis report against R3 benchmarks.

For Media Agencies, in addition to the RFI, RFP and Scope of Work, R3 collects media pricing information from agencies. This is to gauge media cost efficiencies and set pitch commitments for tracking savings after the pitch. We also provide a detailed analysis of agency tools and platforms for media buying and planning.

Digital alone has developed into diversified fields with agencies specializing in different expertise areas, e.g. Digital Campaign Strategy & Creative, Digital Technology, Data Management, eCommerce. R3 helps mareters hone into core requirements so we can recommend the right agencies to match specific needs.

The fragmented media space has resulted in the specialization of PR Agencies. With deeper knowledge about their capabilities, marketers have a far better chance of choosing the best agency to execute their communications strategy.

In addition to the RFI, RFP and Scope of Work, for CRM Agencies we dig deeper into tools and platforms to ensure that they are compatible and complementary with tools used internally by the client.

For Social Media Agencies, in addition to the RFI, RFP and Scope of Work, we dig deeper into agency tools and platforms, especially on social listening and community management.

Production Agencies are doing much more than adapting creative assets. As part of the agency review process, R3 reviews production models, ways of working, distribution platforms and emerging technologies.

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