Great marriages stand the test of time. They make both parties stronger and able to achieve more. At R3, we want to celebrate the world’s best marriages. To do this, we’ve published Global 40, a report on 40 of the world’s best relationships between marketers and their agencies. In this report, we cover the working processes, the learnings and the results of working together in harmony.

Global 40 – Is your relationship good enough to make it?


In determining 40 of the best global relationships, we reached out to more than 50 of the world’s best marketers and agencies. To be fair and transparent, this process was totally free and entrants could submit as many entries as they wanted. We established a consistent scoring criteria and reviewed every single submission against four key areas:

We weighed more heavily on work done for brands from the world’s top 100.

Motivating consumers in this new age requires breakthrough thinking. Award-winning work was more highly weighted.

Keeping a marriage in place is no easy matter. We weighed 25% of the scoring on working process.

Nothing speaks louder than improving brand equity, or better still, the cash register.

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Warc – Consultancy firm R3 has released a guide to the best client-agency relationships after gathering more than 100 submissions from leading global marketers and their agencies. Called Global40, the study whittled down these submissions to a final 40 relationships that have stood the test of time.

Marketing Interactive – Client agency relationships are under pressure. Many say that in the current economy the AOR title is dead and clients are often accused of agency hopping in a bid to stretch their marketing dollars. Many are even taking their core activities such as social media and digital in-house.

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