Return on Agency

Our Review Process leverages our agency market insights and benchmarks on fees to help you reduce risk and maximize the value of a new agency hire.

Return on Media

Enhance agency performance and improve media plan effectiveness by auditing the processes of your media agency, marketing team and media owners.

Return on Investment

Measure your performance against the competition and industry standards with Digital Ecosystem Benchmarking and Marketing Effectiveness Audits.


The Return of ZBB

This article was written by Greg Paull, Co-founder & Principal,…


Does a media pitch need a third party? Read more from R3 Co-Founder and Principal, @GregPaull, as he discusses his thoughts on the matter in @MalaysiaMarket. https://www.malaysiamarketing.my/does-a-media-pitch-need-a-third-party/

Great insights from the ANA Media & Measurement Conference from Marc Pritchard of @ProcterGamble, @allysonspoon, Roseann Montenes of @AENetworks, @LinaP_Shields, Geoff Ramsey of @eMarketer, @davemorgannyc, and @bjankow. #ANAmediameasure https://bit.ly/3kFhcsi

What a great two days at the @ANAMarketers Media and Measurement Conference! Thank you to all of the speakers. R3 is proud to be a sponsor of such a great virtual event. #ANAmediameasurement

@bjankow leading the marketing charge and not waiting for others to change. If you're a marketer & want to join him now's your chance @ANAmarketers @R3WW #ANAmediameasure

Lots of learnings today at the #ANAMediaMeasure conference! @SSthanunathan, EVP @Unileverusa: What we need to do as an industry is to focus on fundamentals & pepper it with what the world needs today while making sure to not get carried away by the “shiny new toy syndrome”.

🔥@LinaP_Shields talks @LillyPad creating new IP leading to better media choices, & journeys and experiences for patients, well done! @ANAmarketers @R3WW #ANAmediameasure

Great insights from @LinaP_Shields, Chief Media Officer @ @LillyPad who shared how the pharma giant marries tech & data to understand their consumer journey. #ANAmediameasure

@geofframsey throwing down a ton of @eMarketer data: "The only way to achieve scale is through cross-media ad buys" @ANAmarketers @R3WW #AnarchistJurisdiction

@ssthanunathan from @unileverusa says 👀 at the holistic pic is crucial. Miss one angle, miss the whole story. @ANAmarketers @R3WW #ANAmediameasure

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