Return on Agency

Our Review Process leverages our agency market insights and benchmarks on fees to help you reduce risk and maximize the value of a new agency hire.

Return on Media

Enhance agency performance and improve media plan effectiveness by auditing the processes of your media agency, marketing team and media owners.

Return on Investment

Measure your performance against the competition and industry standards with Digital Ecosystem Benchmarking and Marketing Effectiveness Audits.


Banking On Creativity

Management consultant company makes an unusual move. Accenture Interactive has…


New research from @R3WW suggests that creative agency relationships with marketers might be at risk https://t.co/UY4D4uGsff

We're talking KPIs, empowering digital teams and formulating the right tech strategy with @Mastercard, @LEGO_Group & @CirrusNexus at #DMWF2019 #disruptivetech #data

A lot of marketing transformation is driven by CMOs with an agenda to evolve and disrupt themselves, says R3's @ShufenGoh_ https://t.co/ubRPakOoEe #CMO #marketing

"Boutique agencies set up to manage project-based business are flourishing.” @gregpaull @R3WW https://t.co/Mdm1n2RGmp

APAC agency New Business League: See who's up and who's down in the latest report from @R3WW: https://t.co/d4QndKrC8S

Come talk to us at #DMWF where we'll be discussing the future of #marketing technology with @Mastercard, @LEGO_Group & @CirrusNexus https://t.co/FxokOWaQD2

@R3WW partner Seema Punwani gives a sneak peek at at The CMO Outlook in partnership with @CampaignAsia. One key trend - CMOs are paying way more attention outside their own product categories to succeed. Full results coming for Campaign members in the days ahead.

.@R3WW Shufen Goh kicks off today's session on 'Driving Shared Success: Optimising the Client-Agency Relationship' with an in depth discussion on challenges in the marketing Comms space and research on PR agencies and trends in China.

Ever since @Versace’s t-shirt gaffe this week, the list of Chinese ambassador defections seems to grow daily. @R3WW’s June list sheds some light on newcomers.
#China #KOLs

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