Return on Agency

Our Review Process leverages our agency market insights and benchmarks on fees to help you reduce risk and maximize the value of a new agency hire.

Return on Media

Enhance agency performance and improve media plan effectiveness by auditing the processes of your media agency, marketing team and media owners.

Return on Investment

Measure your performance against the competition and industry standards with Digital Ecosystem Benchmarking and Marketing Effectiveness Audits.



Agencies can build better relationships with #marketing #procurement by having good working knowledge of practices & remuneration models, says R3's Melissa Lea https://t.co/7GgHcH5e6q

We're growing in the US with five new consultants across New York and Los Angeles. Welcome Tracy Spence, Emily Levine, Regina Ng, Erinn O'Rourke, and Emma Oyomba! https://t.co/onDEB9Ejcm

We're hiring in New York and Shanghai! Learn more about the roles in the US https://t.co/N5VrVQ1fqF and China https://t.co/YhduIWVLY0 #R3careers

Great panel today at @ANAmarketers moderated by R3’s SVP of Business Development, Brian Nash. Brian disucussed the role augmented reality can play in marketing with @cortneyharding of @HologramFriend & @CloughSaysStuff of @BlueBite!

. @GregPaull discussing the social media landscape in China and the US during a presentation on @tiktok_us. @ANAmarketers #influencers #tiktok


. @GregPaull gave a presentation today on @tiktok_us as part of the @ANAmarketers digital and social committee meeting. #tiktok #marketing #influencers

Holding groups face onboarding and optimization challenges with the acquisition of data-driven marketing companies, says R3's @gregpaull #data #martech #marketing https://t.co/s1w9E1f29A

Don't miss the first in a new webinar series of discussions on how marketing is transforming. In this session, R3's Co-Founder & Principal, @GregPaull, will be reviewing the latest in agency models. Register for The WEBINAR3 Series on Nov 6 @ 2pm EST at: https://t.co/O8XUCbTD28

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