Return on Agency

Our Review Process leverages our agency market insights and benchmarks on fees to help you reduce risk and maximize the value of a new agency hire.

Return on Media

Enhance agency performance and improve media plan effectiveness by auditing the processes of your media agency, marketing team and media owners.

Return on Investment

Measure your performance against the competition and industry standards with Digital Ecosystem Benchmarking and Marketing Effectiveness Audits.


Banking On Creativity

Management consultant company makes an unusual move. Accenture Interactive has…

Is 7% Good Enough?

By Shufen Goh Principal & Co-Founder of R3 A topic…


Winning more of clients' budgets has always been the goal for holding companies, but how they plan to do it diverge on data and agency brands #marketing #strategy https://t.co/B1RXjCeFLl

With its selection of @phdworldwide as its global media agency, @tiktok_us makes another move towards being the "Instagram for the mobile video age" says R3's @gregpaull. #tiktok #media #marketing https://t.co/NNrsWAhxVF

Independent agencies in China, Japan & India are turning up the heat on holding groups, promising to deliver "faster, cheaper, and just as good," says R3's @GregPaull #marketing #agencies https://t.co/QDRJkJe4PY

With so many different technologies now available to marketers, the question then becomes which ones are worth investing in? #future40 #marketing #technology https://t.co/rj7O721kyw

How to build brand loyalty. See how @CaesarsEnt uses personalization to build brand loyalty and retain customers in R3's #future40 report https://t.co/kZ4cG0RNwG #personalization

Is your brand using video as an efficient means of communication? See how @GoPro is adopting live video to engage with customers directly in R3's #future40 report https://t.co/kZ4cG0RNwG

For the 2nd year in a row, only 2 holding companies made the top 10 buyers list at the half-year mark. #acquisitions #marketing https://t.co/oY2H3cfUJO

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