The R3 University Workshops have been completely developed for multinational and local marketers, directly relating to the way you work. Through our workshops, our goal is to achieve both enhanced productivity and cost / speed reduction in the way you interface with your agencies.

Our courses are designed to be practical, hands-on, interactive sessions using real-life case studies and examples, and we tailor the content of each session to meet the needs of every team with whom we work.

How R3 University can help

R3’s training to workshops and training
  • Every workshop is led by an R3 Principal or Senior Consultant equipped with extensive experience on both the client and agency side. We may also bring in outside Social Media and Digital experts as needed to support and tailor to your needs.
  • We kick off the workshop with a pre-program discussion with you to pinpoint your needs and enable us to tailor our tools to them before we agree on the appropriate modules for a one or two day session.
  • The workshop content is entirely flexible, based on your team’s specific needs. We have developed 15-20 ‘modules’ that run for one hour each – with each module supplemented with an interactive element to allow participants the opportunity to test out their knowledge and engage in a thorough exploration of the topic/category through discussion and hands-on practical applications.
  • Following the course, we then follow up one month later with one-on-one interviews with each member to review, gather feedback and provide an informal assessment for management.
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