External auditing and competitive benchmarking solutions designed to uncover unique insights that help marketers improve performance across four key areas of marketing.

Each digital tracking service uses bespoke audits tailored to your category and competitive set to provide insights into competitor activity, key learnings, insights, & implications for your brands on a quarter-by-quarter basis.

SocialTrack provides a detailed analysis of competitors’ paid and organic social activity including posts, livestreams, profile updates, ethereal content, community engagement, cross-profile interactions, and more. Combined with social listening, trend tracking, and sentiment analysis, this report provides a comprehensive view of how your brand stacks up against the competition in the social sphere.

InfluencerTrack analyzes influencer quality, competitor performance, and influencer effectiveness to uncover unique insights. This report provides both granular and contextual information on a brand’s influencer reach, engagement, relevance, and audience quality.

SearchTrack goes beyond simple keyword tracking – to provide a holistic SERP (search engine results page) assessment that highlights your position against competitor activity (paid and organic), who appears in what position on 3rd party referral sites, snippets, the knowledge, product listing ads, and more. This report will unlock new opportunities to have your brand appear in the right places at the right time with the right consumers.

eCommTrack delivers a detailed evaluation of your brands’ and competitors’ shopping experience, product ratings and reviews, SEO visibility, share-of-shelf, and more. This review analyzes tens of thousands of product detail pages, arming marketers with a comprehensive assessment of your ecommerce presence and to improve your competitive position.

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