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Media Savings Tracking

Increase financial compliance by ensuring all media savings are accounted for

R3’s Media Savings Tracking service provides independent review and audit of media savings, rebates and financial compliance. It gives marketers the confidence that their media agency is compliant in billing, reconciliation and remuneration, and provides greater clarity on industry benchmarks and best practice.

What Are The Benefits?

Transparency on Hard and Soft Savings – R3 analyzes that costs submitted by the media agency is justifiable and verifiable. Soft savings are verified and checked against hard savings to ensure there is no double counting.

Drive Overall ROI – Derive an objective ROI value which the client can use to verify if the media agency’s ROI is accurately and fairly calculated.

Streamlined Process – We offer actionable steps towards improvement for both sides, helping the client and their media agency to develop a transparent process.

R3’s Approach to Media Savings Tracking

R3 takes a 2-phase audit approach which includes both onsite process walkthrough and verifications, and offsite invoice checking.

We focus on 4 key areas of audit, covering the design of internal controls, media rebate and saving verifications, financial/contract compliance and sample invoice checking.

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