R3 uses bespoke and proprietary methodology. We help benchmark and provide insights into how your marketing strategies perform in your category and across categories.


A Marketing Effectiveness Audit involves a thorough and disciplined review of your current approach to marketing insights, metrics and output – with the goal of improving them. Our objective is to benchmark how well the entire organization is aligned with achieving business goals and objectives, and to offer an independent assessment of next actions. Learn more about Marketing Effectiveness


R3’s Digital Ecosystem Evaluation and Benchmarking service is a data-driven analysis of your brand’s digital performance against direct and indirect competitors as well as industry leaders. The findings highlight brand-specific strengths, areas of improvement and opportunities to maximize the impact of digital marketing on your business. The insights also serve as an objective reality check of where your brand stands in the digital landscape. Learn more about Digital Ecosystem Evaluation & Benchmarking


R3’s suite of digital tracking tools presents marketers with strong supporting data and key implications for their brand. Our approach is different from standard products on the market in that they go beyond numbers. Each tool delivers quantitative benchmarking of key metrics, success factors for the channel, best practice guidelines, and insight into creative and innovative strategies used by competitors across digital channels. Learn more…


R3’s martech consulting capability helps marketers better understand what happens at the critical intersection of marketing and technology. Our martech training workshops provide insight into topics like how to build a single-view of the consumer to how to manage your martech stack and the impact it has on your overall marketing strategy.

Recommended Case Studies

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Helping Novartis Ensure a Best-in-Class Global Creative Agency Model
Sony PlayStation
Helping PlayStation Migrate to A Global Agency Partnership
Molson Coors
Helping Molson Coors Evolve To A Deliverable-Based Model
New Balance
Helping New Balance Find a Global Creative Partner with Digital Expertise
Helping Suntory Redefine the Role of Their Media Partner
Global Automaker
Helping a Global Automaker Align Their Agencies
Singapore EDB
Helping the Singapore EDB Find Global Agency Partners