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Return on Agency

We help marketers find, pay and keep the best possible agency relationships – covering Creative, Media, PR, Digital, Social, Performance, Event, Promotions and CRM. We take the lead on improving the Integration process through proprietary software and consulting.


R3’s Agency Model service helps marketers consider the ever-evolving agency model landscape and understand the needs of all their stakeholders to develop an agency architecture that is built for success. Learn more about Agency Model


R3’s Agency Review process helps marketers reduce risk and maximize the value of a new agency hire. We leverage the latest agency market insights and benchmarks for fees to conduct a thorough and efficient search process. Our objective is to help marketers create a long-term, mutually profitable partnership of talent that drives brand and business growth. Learn more about Agency Review


R3’s Agency Remuneration services help marketers ensure that a sound compensation structure is in place. This means having a method of remuneration that aligns expectations through set Key Performance Indicators. Such a relationship requires periodic checks to make sure both parties remain aligned, and opportunity is provided to rectify any issues in a timely manner. Learn more about Agency Remuneration


R3’s Performance Tracking and Relationship Management services differ from most in-house or self-administered tools in that it focuses on the future, not the past – to ensure the right expectations can be set. Learn more about Agency Performance Tracking


R3’s Agency Exit Audit helps marketers resolve outstanding issues with their outgoing agency in a professional and transparent manner. R3’s Agency Process Audit ensures optimization of ways of working within the client teams and with the agencies.
Learn more about Agency Audits

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