Return On Investment

Digital ROI

Digital Media Review

A Digital Media Review takes a detailed look at the delivery of a digital campaign versus key KPIs including Viewability, In-Geo, Ad-Clutter, Ad Placement, Audience, and Invalid Traffic. We review the delivery reports generated by approved third-party ad tracking partner(s) against key KPIs established prior to the campaign launch or the KPIs typically tracked to determine how much of your investment actually reached your intended target.

Digital Ecosystem Benchmarking

Digital Ecosystem Benchmarking is a data-driven analysis of your brand’s digital performance against direct and indirect competitors as well as industry leaders. The report uncovers brand-specific strengths, areas of improvement and opportunities to maximize the impact of digital marketing on your business. The insights also serve as an objective reality check of where your brand stands in the digital landscape. Companies that benefit from Digital Ecosystem Benchmarking use the report to identify where they need to be and use it to strategize how to get there.

Data Strategy Benchmarking

This benchmarking exercise is based on comprehensive evaluation criteria that measure the collection, storage/protection, integration, utilization, scalability, and growth of data across paid, owned and earned channels. It benchmarks the effectiveness of your data strategy versus your competitors or a bespoke list of best-in-class brands and helps you uncover innovative data strategies used by competitors and other best in class brands.

Martech Consulting

R3’s martech consulting capability helps marketers better understand what happens at the critical intersection of marketing and technology. Our martech training workshops provide insight to topics like how to build a single-view of the consumer to how to manage your martech stack, and the impact it has on your overall marketing strategy.

Data Audit

This audit will uncover the gaps and risks in your current data strategy (including risks due to reliance on third-party data) and provide actionable recommendations on how to reduce the risk and maximize the potential of data in your marketing activities. It assesses the extent of use of first, second, and third-party data through your paid, owned and earned channels, and evaluate the risk, potential value, and extent of silos in internal data management.

Data Integration

This exercise evaluates your existing marketing technology stack on its robustness of data collection, management, integration, and utilization. This will include an analysis of your current tech stack and provide an in-depth analysis of the gaps and opportunities to better leverage data in a cost-effective manner.

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