Client Objectives
Mastercard wanted to know more about the online behavior of the affluent traveller (a key target audience) when it came to planning and booking travel. The company wanted an analysis of the consumer journey of affluent travellers who have visited or were exploring a visit to Bali, and insight on the digital activity of major travel category brands across key digital media channels.

R3’s study findings enabled Mastercard to inform its Content, Channel, and Consumer Strategy for the travel category.


Consumer Journey Mapping – R3 reviewed the consumer online journey across the key travel stages of Dreaming, Planning, Booking, and Experiencing. A deep dive was undertaken to uncover relevant channels and content.

Digital Evaluation – Look at a range of Paid, Owned and Earned Media, including Search, Website, Display Advertising, Social, and User Generated Content. Instead of looking at direct competitors, R3 studied the leaders in the travel category to gain richer insights.

Digital Analysis – Leveraged a diverse set of tools to get a 360-degree understanding of Target Audience and the Brands.