Taking cues from the powers that be

Nonis also said that when it comes to fostering more openness to push for ad spend in the LGBTQ+ space, it is important for the government to set the example.

“In a conservative Asian society such as Singapore, I believe brands would take their cue from the powers that be and if there was any sort of ‘endorsement’ that conveyed social approval of the otherwise marginalised group, that would certainly shake up the confidence of brands in investing in LGBTQ+ marketing,” said Nonis.

Adding to the point, Shufen Goh, principal and co-founder of R3 as well as the president of the Association of Advertising and Marketing Singapore said that while the repeal of Section 377A last year may have paved the way for social recognition of Singapore’s LGBTQ+ community, media and content regulations have not changed since.

“So, while marketers work towards respectfully including the LGBTQ+ community in advertisements, and creating ads that resonate with this community, they have to remain mindful of wider community values and government guidelines that age-gate any homosexual activity,” she said.

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