While China has been steps ahead in many areas of marketing (i.e., social, mobile, O2O, payments), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and the use of data and analytics in targeted customer engagement and retention are areas that have room to develop.

After years of rapid, expansive growth by brands in China, marketers are now looking for ways to extract even greater value from their hard-earned customer pools. This trend towards CRM represents a shift in tactics toward more intensive, ground-level marketing. It also mirrors an increased interest globally on connecting first-person data with more targeted marketing and messaging.

In this report, we look at how brands can increase their Private Domain Traffic and the role that micro-influencers and customer service play in growing brand-owned data pools.

“Measuring domain performance and comparing outcomes will enable brands to maximize their investment. Brands on niche platforms can capture user attention at a lower cost, making it is easier to achieve “single point burst” effect.”

Highlights in this R3 report:

  • The value of private traffic
  • Key opinion consumers and the power of social selling
  • Audience segmentation strategy
  • Mini-programs as a gateway to richer customer data pools