As a highly thought of and valuable approach for any kind of business, experience marketing has become an important mechanism for overall communication strategy. In recent years, the rapid development of the market landscape has led to the evolution of experience marketing assets and its development within the agency ecosystem.

The advancement of technology and digital in recent years has meant that the link between online and offline marketing methods have been widely utilized to improve results in this field.

As an independent consultancy specializing in marketing optimization, R3 has always made it a priority to educate clients with in-depth insights and knowledge. Given the long relationships we have with leading brands, we hope to provide marketers with observations and insights from our extensive project experience that will improve experience marketing effectiveness.

This white paper highlights a selection of industry trends, insights, and best practices. It also includes a set of proven strategies aiming to assist marketers tackle obstacles face during day-to-day experience marketing operations. We hope this provides inspiration to all who need it.


  • Working procedures and ecosystem
  • Objectives by industry
  • Diversified value chain
  • The role of martech
  • Cross-category collaboration
Experience Marketing, White Paper