Companies across the globe have called for their workforce to work remotely as part of precautionary and social distancing measures to ensure the health and wellness of their employees. What will be the impact of current and future work? Will there be a decrease in pitch activity? Questions abound as both marketers and agencies try to figure out how to maintain productivity in volatile times.

Despite uncertainty, marketers won’t stop planning for the future. Now more than ever, they will be looking for ways to manage costs, increase effectiveness, and explore innovative ways for reaching audiences. Pitches will continue though methodologies and approaches will need to be adapted to accommodate people working from multiple locations and time zones.

One platform that will aid the pitch process is video conferencing. With chemistry a significant component of the selection process, many marketers and agencies have voice reservations around its effectiveness. Connecting with people through a screen requires a lot more preparation and consideration than conducting a presentation in person. One must be conscious of nuance and pay attention to clarity when the opportunity for in-person presentation is not available.

However, these are not reasons to avoid using video conferencing to aid the pitch process. It might not be a replacement for face-to-face meetings, but if there are restrictions on travel and gathering, if done right, virtual pitching can help keep business moving.

Virtual Pitching