The global health pandemic has forced marketers to revisit their brand purpose as staying connected to consumers has meant finding new ways to better serve local communities and society at large.

As brands move forward, some are using this time to revamp their relationships with consumers, placing new emphasis on the importance of having greater sustainable relationships; relationships that will outlast trends and withstand disruption. During 2021’s MarketingPulse conference, some of the world’s leading marketers shared how they are redefining their strategies to meet the attitudes, expectations, and experiences of the post-COVID Asian consumer.

They are doing this through GOOD marketing – a combination of offering value through unique products and services, mastering the art of storytelling that builds community, and using technology to amplify the consumers’ voice in a way that can change the world for the better.

“Collaborate with consumers and amplify their voices. Consumers themselves have stories and dreams which they share with you, which you can bring to your story.” – Greg Hoffman, VP of Global Brand Innovation, Nike (2018-2020)

What it covers

  • Brand purpose
  • Storytelling that builds community
  • Rethinking digital strategies
  • Insights from brands like Nike, Verizon, Mastercard, and Cathay Pacific

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