Call it the “quarantine economy.” Amid the health pandemic, social distancing and ”shelter-at-home” order, the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry has experienced a surge in demand for products centered around health and the home. At no other time in recent history have canned food, bottled water
and diapers been so in demand, with people stocking up during periods of uncertainty. The impact has not been limited to “peak COVID.” Packaged food consumption rose 20% for the week ended June 20 compared to 2019, and even though some local governments have been lifting restrictions, allowing restaurant dining, consumers continue to eat more of their meals at home.

The pandemic has ushered a suite of consumer behaviors that marketers have rushed to respond to, but as situations evolve and people adapt to the New Normal, knowing what behaviors will stay and what might change is the marketer’s next challenge.

The dynamic nature of marketing today demands agility, and in this report, we explore what might lie ahead for CPG brands. We look at risks as people come out of lockdown, potential areas of investment, and how leading marketers are thinking outside-the-box to grow brand awareness and drive sales.


  • 5 CPG Trends in “The Quarantine Economy”
  • How Economics Affects Spend on CPG
  • How States of Mind Impact Spend on CPG
  • How Have CPG Brands Changed Their Marketing?
  • Case Studies featuring Clorox, Lysol, PepsiCo and Coca-Cola