The impact of the global health pandemic on marketing and media spend and strategies has been far-reaching, challenging marketers in all industries across the globe. Advertising investment is estimated to fall 8.1% ($49.6bn) worldwide this year, and a survey by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) showed that 57% of respondents intend to cut marketing spend during this period. 81% marketers from major multinationals are planning to defer campaigns.

While many large advertisers are postponing campaigns, 79% are still creating new ones in response to COVID-19. But how does one create new work in times quarantine, social distancing and work from home?

This R3 report looks at how clients and agencies are finding innovative ways to produce work in the absence of studios, photoshoots and usual production frenzy. The results have been sometimes humorous and surprising, and for creative risk-takers, always interesting. The successes among them give us serious food for thought for how production might be run in the future.


  • Limitations of Remote Working
  • Creative Hacks & Workarounds
  • Case Studies: Apple, Snuggle, Nike, Smirnoff, Cadbury, BMW, McDonald’s
  • Planning for the Future