Marketing procurement has entered 2022 with a strong sense of purpose and identity.

As the world has faced transformative change over the last two years, business leaders have called on procurement teams to guide them through budget cuts, digital transformation, and supply chain interruptions. Marketers have sought the analytical skills of procurement teams to drive return and performance in times of uncertainty.

With a seat secured at the table, the challenge for marketing procurement teams going forward will be to ensure that procurement processes are built-for-purpose and reflect the changing marketing ecosystem. This is likely to require the use of AI and SaaS systems for increased accuracy, speed, and insights, but it will also call for knowledge around evolutions in partner operations, measurement, and accountability.

As agencies and scopes of work have evolved as the result of the pandemic, so should the process of selection, engagement, and verification. This is why we have chosen RFPs, contract management, agency compliance, and resourcing as four areas that should be high on the marketing procurement agenda for 2022.

New mindsets and a willingness to change offer the opportunity for continuous improvement, and we hope this report will be a guide and support.

Highlights in this report:

  • Do you need to reset your RFP?
  • Unlocking value through contract management
  • How to strategically manage your agency contracts?
  • What can you do to encourage agency ESG compliance?
  • What kind of ESG disclosures should you be looking for?