Recent years have been a hard and fast lesson in agility for marketing and procurement leaders. The urgent transition to a distanced and digital-first economy, then the threat of economic slowdown and political instability and their impact on supply chains and talent, have kept key decision-makers at the edge of their seats.Through this challenging time, the world’s most successful advertisers have steered their brands through uncertainty using a combination of data, strong brand vision and clear strategy.

Now the call for marketing procurement teams is to be the bridge between wider business cost-efficiency targets demanded by investors and corporate stakeholders, and the need for marketing to invest in current and future consumers. This year’s marketing procurement trends identified by R3 reflect the need for marketing procurement teams to find efficiencies in a landscape that offers greater possibilities and flexibility. From aligning the marketing organization to serve current and future ambitions, to capitalizing on new offerings and services from Holding Groups, consultancies and independent agencies, the race is on to increase effectiveness and efficiency in operations and spend.

This year’s trends include:

  • Unlocking value within the marketing organization
  • Uncovering efficiencies within the agency ecosystem
  • Mining ways to optimize media spend