The confidence of airline, hotel and tourism industries are being restored as an increasing number of people plan to travel. Outbound U.S. travelers will be taking 72% more international vacations in 2023 (compared to 2019) and spending 16% more on trips1, while global tourism arrivals are expected to rise by 30% in 2023, building on 60% growth in 2022.

Travel brands, however, will need to prepare to weather economic, currency and geopolitical headwinds in the coming year and adapt their product offerings and strategies to meet everchanging demand dynamics. Understanding the consumer decision-making process and how digital behavior affects brand awareness and conversion will be key in informing future marketing strategies.


  • Shifted priorities of travelers
  • Platforms consumers are using for travel deals
  • The role of social media and online reviews in travel decision-making
  • Travel brands’ adaption to new industry trends
  • New travel platforms launched in 2022