According to the eighth wave of R3 and SCOPEN’s AGENCY SCOPE Study, China’s marketers remain generally satisfied with their agencies and would like to work in an integrated agency model, but without effective options available, more than 68% will continue to seek expertise from multiple agencies. This has resulted in a higher number of agency partners with shorter tenures; a reversal of findings in 2018. Other insights from the study include the changing role of procurement, value of in-housing, and agency remuneration.

AGENCY SCOPE is a biennial research on trends shaping marketer-agency relationships and the perception and image of those agencies. This R3-SCOPEN 2020 AGENCY SCOPE report is the 8th edition for China, and in this edition, we interviewed professionals from 242 different companies.

The primary value of AGENCY SCOPE is to provide agencies with first-hand information regarding the needs of their clients. The report acts as a reference point for agencies to improve and provide new services as it covers trends in the communications and marketing sector and compares the perception and image of their agency to other Chinese agencies.

AGENCY SCOPE is conducted in 12 markets around the world (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, India, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, and the United Kingdom), which enables us to include global benchmarks in some key aspects.