In our years of experience helping major advertisers adapt to marketing challenges, nothing has changed so drastically and profoundly as the retail experience. It’s safe to say, the evolution of e-commerce (EC) has been one of the main contributors to how people discover, engage, and shop offline and online.

Like many other disruptive mass-market phenomena before it, a consumer brand’s e-commerce strategy and its actual performance is not only impacting the way marketing, media investment and sales are done, but also how product strategy, corporate policy and structure are designed.

Instead of exploring technical aspects of “how to drive sales online,” this report addresses the challenges of e-commerce from an organizational and strategic standpoint, and discusses the following pressing concerns:

  • How to balance branding and performance? How to integrate them?
  • How to build a marketing team and agency structure for optimal efficiency?
  • What are the key metrics, traffic sources and content types to focus on when trying to maximize e-commerce ROI?


  • Brand Building vs. Performance
  • Budget Allocation
  • Optimizing Performance with Data
  • Making Full Use of Performance Digital Tools
  • Using EC Data to Improve Brand Strategy
  • Building A High-Performing Marketing Team
  • Case Studies from Pop Mart, Levi’s, Guess, Innisfree