Seeing e-commerce as the future of retail could have been nearly impossible, until recently. The coronavirus pandemic was the unexpected catalyst that catapulted what was otherwise a rounding error of sales for most retail businesses into centre stage.

Now, it is impossible to be a future-proof business without a robust e-commerce strategy. Certain parts of this transformation have become easier – you no longer have to build a parallel commercial stack across people, process, partners and technology to have an online sales presence. But marketing challenges abound – how do you transform marketing operations honed to drive footfall to now drive everything from discovery to purchase on a device?

Digital share of shelf evaluation is a data-driven approach to measuring, benchmarking, and improving your brand’s visibility and value proposition, and optimizing purchase drivers across the full funnel on owned and 3rd party e-commerce platforms.

Content of this report includes:

  • Evaluating e-commerce performance
  • The elements of Digital Shelf
  • Challenges of maintaining Digital Share of Shelf
  • Leveraging competitor strategies