This report on Media Metrics is aimed at helping marketers define and capture the most effective media measurements for world-class media performance.

With so many sources providing an overwhelming volume of data, this updated report provides extra emphasis on ‘measuring what matters.’ For marketers, this means focusing on media metrics that really impact the bottom line, evaluating how well media budgets are invested, and assessing how well media agency teams are performing.

Why are media metrics important?

  • Managing media metrics is a challenging task in a rapidly evolving 1and increasingly complex media landscape.
  • Spending on paid media is quite often the largest single budget item for most consumer marketers.
  • Tracking media metrics keeps stakeholders focused.
  • As the media supply chain grows longer, it becomes more opaque.
  • Non-transparent media practices are now out in the open.


  • Which Metrics? Identifying key media metrics for online and offline media.
  • How to Use Media Metrics? Using media metrics to measure and evaluate results.
  • Practical Applications Case studies that highlight how brands can apply media metrics to their marketing budgets.