In the past ten years, marketers and agencies have been forced to adjust to disruptive change brought on by technology. Digital is no longer new. It has left a deep imprint on the consumer landscape and that brings to surface a broader imperative for all brands to change the framework on which they build their business.

Though many companies have adopted digital platforms and acknowledged the importance of metrics and measurement in marketing and finance, the majority still share an operational approach that could have been taken out of a business playbook from thirty or forty-years ago. Budgets are still calculated and distributed in the same way even though the market has undergone a drastic transformation.

R3 believes that every business can benefit from increasing the effectiveness of its operations and financial models. Whether you are new to ZBB, already committed to rolling it out in your company, or just considering the potential of ZBB, this white paper highlights the pros, the cons and provides a few suggestions for best-practice implementation.

There may be no one ‘right’ way to implement ZBB, but like any cost-reduction program that works, success is grounded in ownership, seamless design and accurate reporting.

zero based budgeting