The global success of Chinese brands comes with increased quality of Chinese products, a constant drive to improve and innovate, and novel marketing strategies that hinge on social media and digital channels.

Rapid R&D and go-to-market strategies for products that appeal to a global audience while adapting marketing strategies to a localized context has provided Chinese brands more visibility on the global stage. There has been a general upward trend in valuation of Chinese brands in recent years, but a few notable highly-ranked brands in 2019 and 2020 dropped in rankings in 2021.

There is, however, room to grow for both established brands and newcomers. A more robust brand strategy, improved implementation and use of private traffic, and optimized marketing operations can help Chinese brands build long-term growth and resilience in the face of the challenges posed by tightening regulatory environments.


  • The Changing Value of Chinese Brands
  • Leveraging e-Commerce and Social Media
  • Local Platforms with Global Reach
  • Export-Ready Marketing Strategies