Brands have gone through stages of digital transformation; from adopting online marketing technology and investing in social media, to integrating online and offline sales. Each enterprise has gradually developed its own digital marketing model based on industry characteristics, business model and scale.

However, the digitalization process never stops. Consumer online habits are constantly evolving and the challenge of competition
within the industry makes it necessary for companies to maximize their digital investment to stay ahead. How to build a more complete data tool platform to achieve long-term strategic advantage for brands is a key concern of every marketer and their agencies.

This report by marketing consultancy, R3, and digital marketing experts, Convertlab, focuses on the ideal framework for brands looking to build long-term martech strategies by leveraging where they are currently at on the digitalization journey.


  • How to effectively drive online traffic and revitalize an existing customer base
  • How to use technology to improve customer loyalty
  • How to choose between CRM and CDPs
  • The concepts behind enterprise marketing cloud and data centers
  • What makes a realistic and efficient martech operation model