The global gaming industry has matured in recent years with advancements in technology and a growing user base. Expected to be valued at US$321 billion by 2026 (PwC), the increased commercialization of the gaming industry will encourage advertisers to find ways to best leverage gaming in their media mix, and improve efficiency of their spend. The result will be a demand for innovative ad formats and better measurement and reporting from gaming manufacturers and studios.

In-game ads are most often associated with mobile free-to-play games (i.e., watching a sponsored video), but similar tactics are starting to make their way to hardcore console games. As a format, in-game advertising has an overall opt-in rate of 31% (Q1 2022, Adjust) with variances in sub-verticals and by titles, making it particularly appealing to mobile marketers looking for more first-party data to work with. The challenge for game manufacturers and advertisers alike is how to ensure in-game advertising doesn’t detract from player experience.


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