Content marketing monopolizes as much as 50% of total marketing budgets as it is considered an effective way to enhance brand engagement and customer transformation. In this area, Sponsorship has been incredibly popular, and the market has responded by offering an unprecedented variation of collaborative formats.

However, there is still confusion around what constitutes the right amount of investment, selecting the right type of sponsorship program for a brand, creating content that generates buzz in a cluttered market, as well as applying the appropriate measurement to assess effectiveness.

As seasoned marketing communications consultants and industry practitioners, R3 and AIO have come together to share insights on Sponsorship Marketing to assist marketers make better decisions around the planning, execution and measurement of one of their largest marketing investments. Hopefully, this White Paper will inspire new ideas as we introduce proprietary tools for better ROI.


  • China’s Entertainment Market Ecosystem
  • Lead in Sponsorship Marketing by Category
  • Challenges & Pain Points
  • Best Practice in Investment, Audience Segmentation, Sales Promotion and Brand Effort
  • Value for FMCG and Non-FMCG Categories
  • Case Studies: Snow Beer, Yili, Mengniu, vivo

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