Pharmaceutical marketing in the time of this global health crisis is mostly uncertain, despite halts and some glimmers of hope. In the short-term, there is an uptick in activity from marketers who need to communicate with their consumers about COVID-19 and its impact on their business and patients. But in the long-term, the crisis has delayed participation and progress in clinical trials, pressed paused on drug development, and disrupted the traditional sales rep model.

In order to create new value successfully, companies need to look at how they can enhance the human-machine collaboration. For the marketer, this means embracing emerging technologies in order to produce meaningful messaging and support services that will resonate with consumers and healthcare providers.

Looking towards creating building blocks for the future, companies should understand how collecting data, drug pricing, healthcare expenditures, and market accessibility will affect patients and their trust in the pharmaceutical industry. Companies that seize opportunities to drive efficiencies through innovative digital and technology solutions will find real value for all stakeholders.