Chinese marketers are at the forefront of the influencer marketing trend. When it comes to attracting young consumers in the digital space, brands increasingly leverage celebrities and other social media personalities who can influence the purchasing habits of this target demographic.

According to a recent AdMaster report on digital marketing trends, 72% of brands increased their investment in social media marketing in 2017, with 63% of that investment directed at KOL promotion. However, when developing an influencer strategy, it is important that marketers understand the different types of influencers, and how they operate across the top platforms in China.

In this report, we explore two growing types of influencer marketing in China – collaborating with celebrities and sponsoring variety shows. We developed a proprietary index to measure the effectiveness of each of these strategies, as well as exploring two in-depth case studies to demonstrate best practice. Our goal is simple – improved insights will lead to better business decisions and results.

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