Content is already one of the most powerful selling tools for businesses, but the way content can be delivered to consumers is rapidly evolving. Dynamic content creates opportunities for instant interaction and is opening new doors for how businesses can connect with customers.

Just as Netflix revolutionized video rentals and Amazon modernized bookselling, Dynamic Content is helping marketers to transform interactions with customers. Businesses that wait too long to enter the digital game and hold on to old, less responsive models for content development will likely see the same slow decline in customer loyalty that Blockbusters and Borders faces as customers discovered better ways to get videos and books.

In the Post-Programmatic world where AI meets Advertising, the growth and need of Dynamic Content has been exponential. In many ways, dynamic content is just a more advance form of research. Instead of pre-testing messaging, get ready to test and learn at speed. This R3 curated report brings insights from Adobe, Sizmek, IBM, and our own client work.

dynamic content mindshift