The rapid development of online platforms in China has led digital to become the master key to unlocking the full potential of pain, owned, and earned media. But where many marketing strategies fall short is adapting digital into an integrated brand consumer experience rather than an isolated communication channel.

As marketers and their agencies face greater pressure to reduce offline spending and ramp up online interactive spending, measurement is the part that’s hindering marketers from embracing new forms of widespread media and cross-platform campaigns with confidence.

This report on digital media trends is based on insights from R3 and AdMaster’s third annual China Digital Media Survey. This is designed to give marketers and their agencies some insight into which online media platforms are the ones raking in the highest marketing spend, what are the greatest challenges faced by marketers in the online space, how can brands best implement integrated strategies with measurable results, and what are the areas of digital in which marketers are demanding more upskilling.


  • Gearing up for the internet of everything
  • Digitally-fueled brand growth
  • Platform preferences ahead of the usual suspects
  • Getting past the grey zone of inflated site traffic
  • China’s mobile future
  • Digital as a baseline capability
  • Case studies include: Lenovo, Starbucks
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