R3LATIONSHIPS (17 September 2021) – Welcome to our monthly issue of R3LATIONSHIPS.

With so much news and only so much space in our monthly newsletter, in addition to the highlights below, do reach out if you’d like to talk to our team about Agency Benchmarks for 2022, what to expect from agencies in the coming year, a sensible approach to Identity 2.0, the impact of China’s new regulations on influencer marketing, and best practice with NFTs.

Agency Ecosystems for a Post-Social World
From social commerce to exclusive product drops ready for the metaverse, the luxury industry has been incredibly dynamic over the past eighteen months. No other product or lifestyle category has responded as quickly to changes in consumer sentiment about media and commerce. R3’s Greg Paull explores three issues shaping the luxury world and what this means for marketing and agency ecosystems. Read more on LinkedIn

Are You Sitting On Undervalued Media?
R3 and owned media specialists, Sonder, have released a report on how marketers can uncover untapped value in their media through strategic auditing. “Industries like travel, financial services, telecommunications, and FMCG have a large number of owned media channels like email programs, mobile apps, and store networks,” says R3’s Greg Paull. “Putting an accurate third-party value to these channels transforms them into assets, which is why auditing owned media is a prerequisite for a progressive, well-leveraged business.” Read more on Adweek

Teeing Your Brand Up for Sports Partnerships
If a brand wants a fast way to reach their audience, sports cuts across culture, language, and politics. When you throw in the potential for connection with people’s passions and for long-term engagement, then nothing beats sports. R3’s Penelope Siraj outlines 11 questions every brand should ask when preparing to team up in sports partnerships – from “How much reach is enough reach?” to “What entitlements mean the most for your objectives?” Read more on Campaign

Insights From Adland’s Diversity & Inclusion Index
Trade publication Marketing Interactive, ManpowerGroup, and R3 have selected the best submissions from Southeast Asia’s first Adland Diversity & Inclusion Index. “A DE&I initiative is not about meeting quotas or ticking boxes,” says R3’s Shufen Goh. “Any company that wants to have the best people has to learn to nurture, engage, and retain talent. If a CEO wants a sustainable business, increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion within their company is the smartest thing they can do.” Review agency submissions

What’s Next For Accenture Interactive With Dave Droga at the Helm?
“It’s a positive move to see a creative practitioner take the lead at a consultancy,” said R3’s Greg Paull. “David will bring a totally different perspective to past management and with his global experience, he will also be the best candidate to connect up some of the other Accenture Interactive acquisitions in the UK, Germany, Japan and Australia.” Review more on AdAge