R3LATIONSHIPS (14 March 2022) – Welcome to our latest issue of R3LATIONSHIPS,

The impact of media and online platforms on revenue generation is shaping client-agency partnerships, from the number of agency partners within ecosystems, to agency capability, and best practices in ways of working. Send us an email or connect with us on LinkedIn to stay on the pulse of what this means for marketing.

CPG Brands Battle Inflation with Higher Prices & Responsible Marketing
As the world stumbles out of the pandemic and into an uncertain geopolitical environment, CPG brand leaders turned the conversation to the biggest concerns in business: disruption in supply chains and inflation. In our latest CPG outlook report, we cover 18 leading CPG brands and look at how they are using Revenue Growth Manager, Marketing and ESG to confront headwinds. Request a copy

68.8% of China Marketers Name e-Commerce As a Key Scope Work
According to the ninth wave of R3 and SCOPEN’s AGENCY SCOPE Study, China’s platform economy is reshaping agency partnerships. 81.7% of China’s marketers interviewed for this study prefer to work with an ecosystem of specialized agencies, with only 15.6% currently working with a single agency model. This preference for specialist partners is attributed to the importance of online platforms in revenue generation. Learn more

3 Principles from Four Decades of Media Practice
R3 partner, Ben Jankowski of Modern Media Solutions, shares key learnings from his forty-year career in media. “My advice to any marketer is to follow three basic principles that will ensure both your brand’s and the media ecosystem’s relevance to consumers. Specifically: we need to make media a more positive consumer experience; Media needs to act as an art and a science; and Media must show leadership in overall marketing integration.” Read more at WFA

#IWD2022: Hard-Won Success, But Still Much To Do
With Environmental, Social, and (Corporate) Governance (ESG) initiatives being scrutinised more by institutional investors, R3’s Shufen Goh explains that companies will need to accelerate diversity and specifically female leadership representation at C-suites and boards and so this presents opportunities for women to step forth. But, she iterates, corporate chiefs need to first recognise that they need a different strategy of talent spotting and recruiting as she believes women are way behind men in the game of self-promotion and networking. Read more on PXPIQ

6 Ways to Make Media More Culturally Relevant
It’s hard to gain transparency unless media platforms release ad targeting data and brands insist on conducting algorithmic bias auditing of technology and advertising platforms, writes Greg Paull. Some platforms are working to improve the situation, though transparency in how this is being done is still lacking. Media buyers are still largely reliant on one-way reports, which are hard to verify. However, roadblocks are not an excuse to avoid taking action. Read the article