Brands Seek Indie Shops & Nimble Agency Models

Small agencies are having a moment as marketers seek innovation and agility in times of flux. Will this last or is it just a blip? “There’s never been more pressure on holding company creative agencies than there is now,” said R3’s Greg Paull to AdAge. “From in-housing, to the growth of independent agencies, to more and more low-cost production options, the challenge for holding companies, as always, is going to be driving greater creativity.” Read more

ANA Futures: AI & The Customer Journey

AI is helping brands understand customers better than ever before and deliver hyper-relevant content and offers that drives sales, and ultimately business growth. Join R3 & the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) on 3 December to explore the AI space in the areas of Facial Recognition, Chatbots & AI Virtual Assistants, Predictive Personalization & AI Enabled Analytics. Learn more

More Marketing for Edelman & Bain?

PR agency Edelman and consultancy Bain are investing in growing their marketing capability and looking to take on work traditionally done by ad agencies. “Edelman’s strengths are they have a strong global network to help drive consistent execution,” R3’s Greg Paull told Business Insider. “They have also focused on a recruitment approach to bring in top creative talent that can make work that travels.” Bain needs to play catch up if they want to make a big play for advertising services. Read more

The New Normal: Brands Testing the Market

“Brands are now on a cycle of three to five years with their agencies, primarily due to the contractual set-up they have,” said R3’s Greg Paull. “That’s what the ‘new normal’ really is: brands testing the market so they can establish a baseline for the next three to five years. A brand may keep the incumbent, sure, but they also learn what other options exist.” Read more

2020 China PR Agency Scope: 10 Key Trends

21% of participants in R3’s China PR Agency Scope reported that the ability to understand and co-operate with media platforms will be the key to transformation in the PR industry in China. “Investment in the right kinds of technology and having talent that can translate data insights into strategy will be important as marketers want fast responses based on accurate data,” said R3’s Sabrina Lee. Request the report