The Source” is a practical resource for clients and agencies seeking to learn about the latest relationship trends as well as the top agencies in China.

This 500+-page agency guidebook contains profiles of more than 150 top multi-national and local agencies in China. It is delivered to 400 decision-makers of leading brands, and is considered the most up-to-date platform for agencies to promote themselves.


  • Topline findings from R3’s 2020 China Agency Scope Study
  • Over 150 of the top Creative, Media, Digital, PR and Marketing Services agencies in China
  • Access to a comprehensive online directory

How to Access The Source

  • Purchase a copy of The Source “Golden Book”
  • Participate in R3’s China Agency Scope Survey and receive a complimentary copy of The Source “Golden Book”
  • Profile your agency in The Source and receive a complimentary copy of The Source “Golden Book”

To subscribe to The Source or purchase a copy, please use the form provided.

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