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This 500+-page agency guidebook contains profiles of more than 150 top multi-national and local agencies in China. It is delivered to 400 decision-makers of leading brands, and is considered the most up-to-date platform for agencies to promote themselves.


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Samsung leads awareness in China

Jan, 2014

Campaigns from Samsung and Xiaomi boosted their online awareness in the third quarter of 2014, according to new research which also highlighted how brand performance differed across ...

Samsung leads awareness in China2019-12-03T19:31:24+08:00

Digital Engagement in China

Sep, 2013

From an audience perspective, digital allows the brand communication model to convert from being a monologue to a dialogue. The level of involvement required by ...

Digital Engagement in China2019-12-03T19:33:42+08:00

Coke gets Olympic boost in China

Aug, 2012

BEIJING: Coca-Cola's sponsorship of the London Olympic Games has generated a 61% spontaneous awareness level among Chinese consumers, bettering the brand's gains from Beijing 2008. ...

Coke gets Olympic boost in China2019-12-03T19:32:48+08:00

Chinese firms seek digital benchmarking

Apr, 2012

Many brand owners in China want more transparency on the costs of purchasing digital ads, according to new figures from R3 and Admaster. According to ...

Chinese firms seek digital benchmarking2019-12-03T19:22:41+08:00

Brands ask more of agencies in China

Mar, 2012

Chinese brand owners are more likely to be dissatisfied with advertising agencies than their overseas counterparts, a study has shown. R3:GC, a joint venture between the ...

Brands ask more of agencies in China2019-12-03T19:32:07+08:00

China Marketers Finally Put People First

Mar, 2012

NEW STUDY SHOWS MULTINATIONAL AND LOCAL COMPANIES VALUE AGENCY PEOPLE MORE THAN EVER BEFORE. • Local agencies outperforming multinationals now in many area, especially digital • Less ...

China Marketers Finally Put People First2019-12-03T19:32:00+08:00
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