The overall economic environment in China shows a lower growth rate with an estimated increase on the CPI, where total media spend is only 2.8% higher than the same period last year. This is much lower than the comparison between Y2018 and Y2017. This will have a negative effect on the inflation of media price. However, the Chinese government has plans to reduce the interest rate to push consumer spending, which is good news for advertisers.

OOH, OTT and Digital Mobile media hold the leading position in inflation increase. The Digital and Traditional media share% is stable compared to last year. Until the first half-year of Y2019, mobile Netizens have risen to 99.1% of total Netizens. With the 5G era approaching, it will stimulate OOH digitalization.

Print continues to suffer from decreasing revenue. TV inflation will concentrate on the top satellite networks even more. Lastly, Radio is still a hot media platform as a result of urbanization and the opportunities to incorporate it into digital platforms.

China Media Inflation Report 2020