The pandemic has challenged Millennial mothers in Asia with an unprecedented number of pressures and demands. A majority are juggling home life with professional careers, familial commitments, and a strong desire for individual development. With lockdowns over the past eighteen months, many have had to do it all with minimal support. It’s been tough, to say the least.

Being digitally connected has helped ease the burden. Thanks to growing digitization in the region, Millennials in Asia have easy access to goods and services, social networks, and news and information. But as we observe in this report, there are deep concerns around bigger issues that influence decision-making in this group, particularly with mothers.

Is my employment secure? How can I protect my children, my parents, and myself from illness? What can I do to make the world more environmentally friendly? How can I ensure my children are digitally safe?

Brands can play a part in helping these women be their best and create a world they want for their children. The first step is to better understand their current priorities, concerns, and aspirations. We hope this report will be helpful in that endeavor.

Highlights in this R3 Report:

  • Defining the Millennial Mother
  • Concerns and behaviors of the Asian Millennial Mother
  • Key concerns by life domain
  • What does this mean for brands?