Marketing Interactive – The upcoming year will be an important transitional year for CMOs, as they are required to go beyond just knowing about branding and marketing to being knowledgeable about martech, customer experience, data and product chips… How can marketers retain a seat at the table and not get sideline in the coming year? Industry players share how CMOs can retain a seat at the table and also retain the trust of CEOs in the coming year.

Shufen Goh, Co-founder & Principal, R3

We are living in a network economy, and it makes sense that companies want leaders who have experience in a business where “network” is the operating system. The most effective CMOs understand this and will retain their seat in the boardroom by incorporating it into their pursuit of integration.

Marketing integration is such a game-changer for business. It improves overall financial and organisational performance, and it is this that gives CMOs their unique value. Specialists will be hired. New business units created. Titles might change to fit the needs of talent and company structure.

They will create a network of partners, content, and data, into a seamless, cohesive, and unique experience.

Demonstrating a commitment to integration will also help CMOs maintain the engagement and trust of stakeholders. A CMO who can’t create connections and see how each part of the supply chain can edify and strengthen the whole will be seen as a broken link. A CMO with insight and imagination with be the most valued gamechanger.

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