Campaign Asia – As gender roles become more fluid in Asia, so have parenting roles. Women with children are more likely to share equal parenting tasks with their partners. This shift, compared to their parents’ generations, is resulting in more progressive marketing of kids’ products that is less likely to single a mother out as a child’s sole or primary caregiver.

For example, Ariel’s much-talked-about #ShareTheLoad campaign, which picked up multiple Cannes awards, is an impactful PSA about equal share of workload in household chores. Despite shifting perceptions, millennial mothers possess unique attributes and aspirations that are valuable for brands to be familiar with.

According to a report by R3, millennial mothers have a growing awareness of the economic hardships of motherhood, as well as a growing desire for career progression. Caring for their children may also often clash with their desires and interests outside of their role as a mother. Plus, they are more aware that these challenges are a reflection of a lack of structural support and an increase in societal pressures on working mothers.

Based on the report, the five things millennial mothers are most concerned about are the health and nutritional needs of their children, employment and career progression, climate change, personal economic growth, and the safety and quality of products for their children.

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