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TikTok: The App Taking Over The Internet

It’s the world’s most valuable startup ($75bn) though the idea isn’t original. A platform for short video clips based on a range of themes? Haven’t we seen that before? 150 markets and 75 languages later, not to mention more than 800 million installations, TikTok is offering a kind of entertainment that anyone interested in consumer engagement should be studying.

Its point of difference isn’t in the type of consumer content being generated, but its algorithm and user-centric design. TikTok is an app designed for your entertainment. The more you use it, the smarter the selection of seemingly endless feed of video becomes. Engagement is still lower than its competitors, but keep an eye on what happens next.

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Marketers: Value Will Trump Product Innovation

The latest CMO Survey from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business reports that marketers expect customers to put greater emphasis on price and trust. Global R&D spend has seen an upward trajectory since 2005 thanks to pressure to compete on product quality, though with feelings in the c-suite that an economic downturn is on the horizon, marketers are starting to plan ahead. Shoring up customer loyalty with value-driven offerings is a smart move.

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Holding Company Revenue and Market Capitalization

Out of sheer curiosity – and inspiration from that moving brands viral video – our team created a retrospective of holding company revenue and market capitalization to see what an animated leaderboard would look like.

The results?

View Holding Company Revenue (2013 – 2018)
View Holding Company Market Capitalization (2011 – 2018)

3 Truths About Marketing Video Campaigns

Mobile video ad spend in the US will nearly double in the next four years. As video budgets soar, the need to close the loop in reporting will grow as marketers will need to prove the ROI of what’s poised to become the biggest and most strategic part of their marketing investment. A good place to start is to separate the truth from the hype of what determines the success of a digital video campaign.

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