Sep 2023 – During an exclusive roundtable event hosted by R3 in Atlanta, marketing procurement leaders from IHG, Coca-Cola, Mars, Georgia-Pacific, Cox Communications, and Chick-fil-A gathered to discuss how to best align marketing functions to cater to both current and future strategic aspirations, and harness new offerings and services provided by agencies and consultancies.

Consumer behaviour demands more online, e-commerce, and instant gratification, with seamless experiences from store to site and social. Marketers must diversify their functions to encompass enterprise-wide capabilities, as brands look for more ways to drive and track revenue. Accountability across the funnel for where each dollar is spent is critical to success and budget transparency.

The discussion highlighted the value procurement brings such as matchmaking between internal team needs and agencies, identifying efficiencies within contracts and teams, and negotiating better pricing. To maximize this relationship, bringing in procurement leads early and when a need is first identified helps set up both parties for success.

Working Together

Our consultants and strategists help marketing and procurement teams matrix their internal resources so they can build marketing capability aligned to core business priorities and forecast talent needs. This includes delivering insights into the internal organizational structure of competitors, and similar and best-in-class brands needed for driving marketing excellence.

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