The Drum – No longer just a virtual stomping ground for gamers, the metaverse world is set to go mainstream this year. But despite recruitment still catching up to the concept of the metaverse, big tech has found it essential to rush in to capture this potential $800bn opportunity by 2024.

Because the metaverse requires different types of emerging tech to build another ’universe’ that is close to reality – virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), artificial intelligence (AI) and more – there is a need for skilled talent that is both hard to find and hard to retain.

… Jason Velliquette is the executive vice-president for digital at R3. He points out the importance of also recognizing that building the metaverse will rely on more than just AR developers and designers.

It will be, he says, the result of a grand composite of human interfaces, advanced computing power, enhanced infrastructure, new protocols, intersecting payment services, experience design and the creator economy.

“Talent from every corner of the tech and marketing industries will bring value to the construction of the metaverse. It’s not just the tech companies that are headhunting – brands such as Nike, Samsung, Budweiser and Adidas also have their sights on recruiting this next generation of builders. And let’s not forget the OG pioneers of the metaverse – Roblox, Minecraft, and others in the gaming industry.”

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